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Radical Anti-speciesism

[email protected] Giulia Tofu Steve 20 April 2020 4

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Season 1, Episode 14. In this episode, we hear from Giulia, who is based in Italy and part of the anti-speciesist collective, Insectionals. We hear from Giulia about the need for direct action but also for effective public education; some of the issues around humans being centred in the movement; the importance of anti-speciesist language, and a need for a closer look at the theory and approaches often used in the animal rights movement. 


Giulia on Instagram: @maldeaurore

Radical Antispeciesism website:

Insectionals website:

Insectionals on Instagram

The music used in Beyond Species for the intro and outro is a track called “Cosmo” by Johto

A podcast exploring issues around speciesism and the struggle to dismantle it. Hosted by Tofu Steve, this Scottish-based podcast features guests from around the world. Various topics arising from speciesism, veganism and activism are discussed.


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