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[email protected] Jamie Tofu Steve 14 April 2020 6

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Season 1, Episode, 13. In this episode, we hear from Jamie. Jamie advocates for human and nonhuman animal rights using the philosophy of sentientism as an ethical grounding. Sentientism uses evidence and reason to inform our moral decision making. Jamie explains how anti-speciesism and sentientism can be combined, but how this can also be problematic for some anti-speciesist activists. He also digs deeper into some of the questions posted by sentientism, in relation to veganism, environmentalism and artificial intelligence.


Jamie Woodhouse – Sentientism 

Twitter: @sentientism

Facebook group:

Article on Medium – Humanism Needs an Upgrade: Sentientism 

The music used in Beyond Species for the intro and outro is a track called “Cosmo” by Johto

A podcast exploring issues around speciesism and the struggle to dismantle it. Hosted by Tofu Steve, this Scottish-based podcast features guests from around the world. Various topics arising from speciesism, veganism and activism are discussed.


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