iROAR registration

Apply to join the iROAR podcasting network

What are the benefits?

By joining the iROAR Podcasting Network you will benefit from podcast cross-promotion. Your podcast will promote all the other podcasts on the network, and vice versa.

iROAR Podcasting Network members will also be invited to join a closed Facebook group in which podcast producers will be able to share tips, insights and encourage each other on our podcasting journeys.

What does it cost?

Membership is free! This network is made possible by a generous donation from the Culture and Animals Foundation.

What are your expectations from me?

iROAR Podcasting Network members are expected to put place a short 4 second sting, and a slightly longer 9 second sting, at the start and end of each podcast episode (from the time of membership onwards). That sting is how podcast members will cross-promote one another.

Foundation members will also have their logo displayed on the iROAR website.

We also encourage members to proudly display their affiliation with the podcasting network on their own podcast’s homepage.

Otherwise, simply keep making great content like you have always done!

How to join?

To join the iROAR Podcasting Network simply email Siobhan. Please include a link to your podcast and a brief statement about a) it’s aim and b) why you think it would be a good fit.

The iROAR sting

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