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How to launch a podcast during a pandemic

SAFE 31 March 2020

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In this debut episode, Will discusses the current state of affairs for New Zealand while the country faces off with COVID-19. He speaks with SAFE Chief Executive Officer Debra Ashton about the state of animal rights in New Zealand and the role that intensive farming plays in the emergence of infectious diseases.

Animal Matters is SAFE’s fortnightly podcast about all things animal rights and the issues impacting animals in Aotearoa. Will Appelbe discusses the latest current affairs impacting animals, the decisions of policymakers and government, and the complexities that surround the exploitation of animals.

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Animal Matters
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Greyhound racing, animal cruelty in isolation, and animal law with Danielle Duffield

SAFE 12 May 2020

In this episode, we speak to Danielle Duffield, co-founder of the New Zealand Animal Law association about New Zealand’s animal welfare laws. Greyhound racing has restarted under alert level 3, and fast food faces unprecedented demand at drive-throughs. But do …continue

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