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Animal Law Podcast #59: The Case of the Downed and Desperate Pigs

Mariann Sullivan 30 April 2020 9

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On this episode of the Animal Law Podcast, I speak with regular ALP guest Delcianna Winders along with two of her students, Hira Jaleel and Irene Au-Young, on a case they filed on behalf of several animal welfare organizations against the US Department of Agriculture and the Food Safety and Inspection Service over what the plaintiffs claim is these agencies’ “unlawful failure to protect the more that half million pigs who arrive anually at slaughterhouses in the United States unable to rise or walk,” otherwise known as “downed pigs.” We discuss at length how the charges brought in this lawsuit violate the Human Methods of Slaughter Act and the Federal Meat Inspection Act, the causes of action presented in this case, and how these alleged violations contribute to significant decreases in agency regulation that create such horrible conditions for these animals as well as for people.

Join Animal Law professor and longtime activist Mariann Sullivan as she unpacks the latest updates, cases, and news from the burgeoning world of animal law.

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