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Animal Law Podcast #58: The Case of the “Right to Rescue”

Mariann Sullivan 26 March 2020 7

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On this episode of the Animal Law Podcast, I’m bringing you something a little bit different. I speak with Wayne Hsiung of Direct Action Everywhere (DxE), who is a lawyer but is also one of the defendants in the cases we’ll be speaking about today. The felony charges being brought against him and other DxE activists, in multiple states, are a result of open rescues of sick and dying animals from factory farms, which have been followed by prosecutions in which activists, including Wayne, are being charged with a wide range of offenses–including “theft of fruits and vegetables.” We talk about the challenges of mounting a defense against these charges and how the lobbying influence of the agriculture industry directly targets animal activists.

Join Animal Law professor and longtime activist Mariann Sullivan as she unpacks the latest updates, cases, and news from the burgeoning world of animal law.

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