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#39: Tragic BC Case Means More Dogs Will Face Death Row

Animal Justice 24 August 2019 7

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August 23, 2019

Hosts Peter & Camille have a jam-packed episode for you, including news about a landmark new conviction in Nova Scotia based on psychological (instead of physical) distress of an animal, calls for charges after a deadly barn fire in Manitoba that saw 800 cows burn alive, and Canada Goose’s supposed backtracking on its false marketing claims that the coyotes and geese killed for their fur-trimmed and down-filled jackets are treated humanely.

The main topic is the tragic new British Columbia case of R v Santics, which dealt with a dog named Punky who was sentenced to death after Vancouver city enforcement officials decided he was a dangerous dog. Tragically, the B.C. Court of Appeal upheld a decision to kill Punky, and said the future courts no longer have the ability to impose interim measures for so-called dangerous dogs like muzzling, tethering, and training. Now, if a dog is determined to be dangerous, the judge has no choice but to impose a death sentence. Camille & Peter discuss why this case is terrible for dogs, and why dog legislation in Canada needs a major overhaul.

This episode’s hero award goes to Peter (yay!) and his summer law student, Zach Wilson, who successfully defended two Edmonton-area animal advocates who were being prosecuted for displaying a banner calling out the Edmonton airport for shipping horses to Japan for slaughter. The zero is the federal government, which is subsidizing the cruel foie gras industry’s PR efforts, and doling out billions to dairy farms.

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Animal Justice

Peter Sankoff

Camille Labchuk


Animal Justice

Peter Sankoff


Animal Justice

Camille Labchuk

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