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Finding Inspiration and Creativity in Our Relationship with Animals with Author Steven Rowley

Katya Lidsky 1 June 2022 1

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You guys know that my two heartbeats are animals and writing. So I'm super excited about today's conversation with none other than author Steven Rowley! This episode explores the overlap between animals and writing, particularly as it pertains to Steven’s incredible work. He shares about his career journey, offers advice for any authors out there who might feel impatient with the process, and provides a hefty does of inspiration by being his witty self.

Steven and I also discuss what makes pets the greatest teachers, and it's an honor to hear about the incredible relationship he had with the dog who inspired him to write Lily and the Octopus. Through his passion for animals and by understanding the unique relationship between humans and their pets, Steven delves into what it really means to surrender fully to love, as well as to loss after a pet's time comes.

This is a great episode for animal lovers and creatives alike. So tune in and get ready to put your pen to paper. Perhaps (hopefully!) you will write your own story too.

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