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A Behind the Scenes Look at Dog Rescue Culture with Nicole Patrick

Katya Lidsky 25 May 2022

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Nicole Patrick is a successful actress, a singer-songwriter, and an animal activist. She is also the founder of Chic Chien Chateau, a boutique non-profit, foster-based pet rescue located in NY and CT . She joins us today to share about her upbringing steeped in the arts and how it lead to loving animals. Hearing her describe how she awakened to the reality of pet stores, puppy mills, and backyard breeders is a story you won't want to miss. And then there was her life-changing experience working with animals in Africa that left her more determined than ever to make a positive impact on all living beings. 

Nicole is passionate not only about saving animals but also about streamlining the adoption process. She shares some much-needed, brilliant ideas with us about how to potentially go about it, while giving us a peek into what it takes to run a rescue, with it's highs (helping people adopt!) and it's lows ( when rescuers get cliquey.)

This is an especially fun episode for dog lovers who are artists! Tune in to hear Nicole talk about how those worlds collide into something quite special.

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A touching and funny podcast that explores how extraordinary people have been changed by an extraordinary animal. In this weekly show, Katya talks to fascinating guests about what their lives were like before and after they experienced a soul-level relationship with an animal.

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