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#57: Animal Rights Journalism with Writer Jessica Scott-Reid

Animal Justice 13 June 2020 30

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June 12, 2020

Camille is joined by special guest host Jessica Scott-Reid, Canada’s most prolific journalist covering animal protection issues.

Camille and Jessica provide a recap of committee hearings in the Ontario legislature on ag gag law, Bill 156, and the fierce and factual opposition mounted by animal advocates, journalists, and civil liberties organizations. On the other hand, farm industry commodity groups were quick to mislead the committee, and were up to their usual trick of pretending animal cruelty somehow isn’t pervasive on farms.

In the news, Camille and Jessica share their impression of the stunning new documentary The Walrus and the Whistleblower, which tells the story of a former Marineland trainer’s battle to expose cruelty at the aquarium and save a special walrus named Smooshi. They also discuss a sickening story out of Iowa, where animal advocates and a whistleblower were able to film a farm “depopulating” a barn of pigs by shutting down barn ventilation, piping it full of steam, and quite literally roasting the animals to death. Instead of prosecuting the farm for abuse, prosecutors are predictably going after those who shot the video. Finally, primatologist Jane Goodall wrote a wonderful piece for the Globe & Mail about why reconciling with the natural world is the only way humans can avoid another pandemic.

For our main topic, Jessica speaks about her work writing about animal rights and issues, how she got onto the animal beat, the importance of getting stories about animals into mainstream media publications, and how you, too, can contribute to the public conversation by writing letters to the editor.

This episode’s heroes are the millions of activists and protesters who have shaken the world out of complacency and brought systemic racism and police brutality to the forefront of public discussion. The zeroes are governments that have been propping up the dying fur industry in the Maritimes to the tune of $100 million.

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Animal Justice

Peter Sankoff

Camille Labchuk


Animal Justice

Peter Sankoff


Animal Justice

Camille Labchuk

Special thanks:

To our producer, Shannon Milling, and podcast editor Micahl Contos.

To Kevin Lacroix for the podcast logo and for the musical sting in our podcast intro.

To DJ Quads for our intro, transition and outro music.

2019 Canadian Law Blog Awards Winner

2019 Canadian Law Blog Awards Winner

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