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Episode 204: Civet Coffee with Jes Hooper

Knowing Animals 14 November 2022 1

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Today’s guest is Jes Hooper. Jes is a PhD candidate in Anthrozoology at the University of Exeter and the Campaigns and Research Manager for Badger Trust, a British animal protection organisation. The working title of her PhD thesis is Civets in Society: Understanding the Human-Animal Interactions Within Civet Trades. She is also the founder of The Civet Project, an organisation devoted to better understanding human/civet interactions. Unsurprisingly, we’re talking about civets! In particular, we’re discuss Jes’s paper ‘Cat-Poo-Chino and Captive Wildlife: Tourist Perceptions of Balinese Kopi Luwak Agrotourism’, which was published open access in the journal Society & Animals in 2022, as well as her developing research on human-civet interaction.

This episode is brought to you by AASA (the Australasian Animal Studies Association), which you can join today. It’s also brought to you by the Animal Publics book series, which is published by Sydney University Press.

Knowing Animals is a fortnightly podcast hosted by Dr Josh Milburn who discusses all things related to animals and ethics; animals and the law; animals and politics; and animal advocacy. The show features interviews with Animal Studies scholars and animal advocates.

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