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Building A Trusting Relationship With Your Dog with Laura London

Katya Lidsky 23 December 2021 9

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Are you basically listening to two long-time friends gab about all things dog in this episode? Yes, you are. But you'll also hear personal stories, an homage to horses, and the gratitude we feel for the animals who've stuck with us through thick and thin. Laura London is a highly-qualified, certified dog trainer who is unafraid to shed light on why most behavioral issues ultimately stem from the owner, and why we need to evaluate ourselves before placing blame on our pets. But we also have an important discussion about why we shouldn’t be so quick to judge other pet parents either. During all the hubbub and chaos of the holiday season, Laura is here to help us navigate the world of training, bonding, and loving our dogs. From the big takeaway message that she wishes the world knew about socializing dogs to her pet peeves, this is a must-listen for dog people who want to build a  respectful relationship with their beloveds.

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A touching and funny podcast that explores how extraordinary people have been changed by an extraordinary animal. In this weekly show, Katya talks to fascinating guests about what their lives were like before and after they experienced a soul-level relationship with an animal.

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