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Animal Law Podcast #64: The Case of the Missing Migratory Birds

Mariann Sullivan 30 September 2020 13

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On this episode of the Animal Law Podcast, I am once again lucky enough to be speaking with Eric Glitzenstein, this time about a recent resounding success for animals, specifically birds, in Natural Resources Defense Council v US Dept. of the Interior. This case involves a recent “opinion” issued by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, which, since its issuance, has dramatically reinterpreted the Migratory Bird Treaty Act to reduce protections for birds by requiring that the only covered acts are ones that are “directed” at birds. Yikes! As seems obvious, birds are most frequently put in danger in the modern world because they are in someone’s way, not just because someone sets out to kill them on purpose. Fortunately a conglomeration of advocacy groups got together and cried foul (or fowl!)(sorry). And, fortunately, the Southern District of New York agreed. And, to add to the good fortune, we have Eric, a true model of the consummate legal qualities of passion and clarity, here to tell us the story.

Join Animal Law professor and longtime activist Mariann Sullivan as she unpacks the latest updates, cases, and news from the burgeoning world of animal law.

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