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116. Taking Care Of The Flock with Our Hen House

Katya Lidsky 25 November 2021 5

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Our Thanksgiving week episode is with the cohosts of Our Hen House, here to tell us about Calhoun, the special dog who changed Mariann, and Rudy the rescue chicken with prosthetic feet who changed Jasmin. These two incredible activists delve into the overlap between animal rights and antiracism, why we don’t have to try to change our families, and the importance of boundaries, especially around the holiday table. We discuss the nature of animal law and being okay with finding your people and your purpose however they come. Last but not least, listeners are welcome to call in to ‪(415) 787-3159‬ and leave a short story about the animal that changed you! 

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A touching and funny podcast that explores how extraordinary people have been changed by an extraordinary animal. In this weekly show, Katya talks to fascinating guests about what their lives were like before and after they experienced a soul-level relationship with an animal.

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