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Multispecies Kinship, Dogs & Racism

Beyond Species 18 January 2021 20

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Episode 28. In this episode, we hear from Maythe, whose studies in multispecies kinship focus on the relationships humans have with dogs. Maythe shares information about an ethnographic study of dog lovers who perpetuate racism, particularly with regard to events around 2020’s Black Lives Matter protests in the UK. This leads to questions about the links between white supremacy and human supremacy. Maythe also considers the ethic of care to be a compelling avenue worth exploring. While studying, she shakes up the university system and field of anthropology through her decolonial praxis. 


A podcast exploring issues around speciesism and the struggle to dismantle it. Hosted by Tofu Steve, this Scottish-based podcast features guests from around the world. Various topics arising from speciesism, veganism and activism are discussed.


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