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Lobbying for Liberation

Beyond Species 7 March 2020 9

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Season 1, Episode 8.  In this episode, we hear from Connie. Connie is a founding member of the Agriculture Fairness Alliance and Vegan Justice League, based in the US. She speaks about the need for vegans to get political, and direct much needed resources into lobbying for system change. Connie explains how the supply and demand rhetoric of the vegan movement fails within a food system rigged by government and the industry, resulting in overproduction and stockpiling. Human and nonhuman animal issues are inextricably linked, and a holistic approach is needed if we want to achieve animal liberation. 


Agriculture Fairness Alliance

Vegan Justice League

You can find Connie on Instagram @vegan_batgirl

The music used in Beyond Species for the intro and outro is a track called “Cosmo” by Johto

A podcast exploring issues around speciesism and the struggle to dismantle it. Hosted by Tofu Steve, this Scottish-based podcast features guests from around the world. Various topics arising from speciesism, veganism and activism are discussed.


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