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Hunt Sabbing

[email protected] Ghizzie Tofu Steve 1 March 2020 2

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Season 1, Episode 7. In this episode, we hear from Ghizzie. Ghizzie hosts the Scum Remover podcast, which focuses on hunt sabotage. He’s also been sabbing for years and we hear about some of the history of sabbing, as well as getting an insight into how the UK hunts work. Ghizzie covers the basics of how to sab and the strengths of non hierarchical organising. We also hear what the future of hunting and hunt sabbing might look like. 


Scum Remover podcast

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Hunt Saboteurs Association website

A podcast exploring issues around speciesism and the struggle to dismantle it. Hosted by Tofu Steve, this Scottish-based podcast features guests from around the world. Various topics arising from speciesism, veganism and activism are discussed.


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Caring for Wild Animals

[email protected] Tofu Steve Elisabeth 24 February 2020

Season 1, Episode 7. In this episode, we hear from Elisabeth. Elisabeth’s activism has a focus on research and working with nonhuman animals from the wild. She has worked extensively with conservation groups and we hear from her about the …continue

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