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Episode 543: Jim Richards of Milkadamia

Our Hen House 6 June 2020 3

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-In the intro to the show, Jasmin and Mariann discuss the Black Lives Matter protests currently happening all over the country, how animal activism and veganism are connected to all social justice movements and activism, and Jasmin’s exciting new project with Encompass. We also continue our Supporting Vegan Businesses program by shouting out Simply Mix, vegan drag queen Honey LaBronx, and Trio Plant Based.
-Jasmin interviews Jim Richards, CEO of Milkadamia, about the origins of the company, why Milkadamia is so committed to making products without palm oil which is ravaging the planet, and why he is a big proponent of Regenerative Agriculture. (17:45)
-Mariann brings us the latest Rising Anxieties from the industrial animal ag world. (50:35)

Join hostesses Jasmin Singer and Mariann Sullivan on this unique and fun award-winning podcast that focuses on changing the world for animals.

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Episode 542: Eva Meijer on Animal Languages and What They Are Saying to Us

Our Hen House 30 May 2020

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