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Episode 512: Daniel Turbert On Photographing Farmed Animals

Our Hen House 2 November 2019 1

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-Jasmin and Mariann talk about the recent success for legislation in New York banning foie gras and improving working conditions for carriage horses, and the work that has been done to get to this point. They also discuss Mariann’s new teaching position, and Jasmin’s birthday!
-Jasmin talks to photographer Daniel Turbert from The Sentient Project about working to capture the full perspective of how society treats animals, why he chooses to focus on photographing farmed animals, documenting indigenous tribes in the Amazon, and his new documentary Cows Come Home. (14:50)
-Mariann brings us Rising Anxieties about the labeling of plant-based foods, and VEGAPHOBIA!. (49:50)
-This week’s episode is brought to you in part by OSEA Malibu: the original plant-based, results-driven skincare line. Go to oseamalibu.com/ourhenhouse to receive $10 off your first purchase of $50!

Join hostesses Jasmin Singer and Mariann Sullivan on this unique and fun award-winning podcast that focuses on changing the world for animals.

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Episode 516: Chad Sarno on Wicked Healthy Food

Our Hen House 30 November 2019

-Jasmin and Mariann talk about Jasmin’s upcoming appearance on the Mortified Podcast, Mariann’s recent interview for Public Radio International, and Jasmin’s stand-up comedy debut! -Mariann talks to Chad Sarno about Wicked Healthy Food, their Wicked Kitchen partnership with Tesco Supermarkets …continue

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Proudly brought to you by: Our Hen House 30 November 2019