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Episode 510: Monica Klausner from Veestro

Our Hen House 19 October 2019 2

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-Jasmin hands in the manuscript for her new book, Mariann has an arguably similar life experience, and Jasmin gets her flu shot.
-Jasmin talks to Monica Klausner of Veestro about the reasons why she co-founded the service along with her brother, how Veestro is helping to combat climate change, and The Wellness Ride – an 85-day plant powered bike across America challenge Vesstro is sponsoring with former athlete Richie Crowley to promote plant-based eating. (15:30)
-Mariann brings us Rising Anxieties about the dairy industry banning vegan campaigns, fear of plant-based protein sources, and anti-meat “bullying”! (48:45)

Join hostesses Jasmin Singer and Mariann Sullivan on this unique and fun award-winning podcast that focuses on changing the world for animals.

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