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Casey Dworkin: Apple Leather Boots

Species Unite 2 December 2021 9

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“When you talk to the vegan community, you know, it’s people who know exactly why they should or shouldn’t purchase something. But being able to reach people through design… like why couldn’t someone test veganism through fashion before they started with their diet? That’s kind of my story.”  – Casey Dworkin


Casey Dworkin is the founder and designer of plant-based luxury footwear brand Sylven NY .

When I first discovered Casey’s boots and shoes, they were half vegan and half animal leather, meaning half their shoes were made from animal leather and then the exact same pairs were available in apple leather.

A couple of years after that, I noticed that all the animal leather shoes and boots were gone, Sylven was now a straight vegan brand. Not only did I want to know what happened and how it happened, but I also really love Sylvan’s boots. So I called Casey and asked her to share her story.

“For me, it started with vegan for the environment… I was already working with these plant-based, vegan leathers and wanting to make sure I can lessen my environmental impact through my shoe production. And so I was like, well, why don’t I try to reduce the amount of meat and dairy that I consume?

And then through that process, I was like, well, why am I consuming any meat or dairy? Why am I producing with anything leather? And, it brought me down this very positive rabbit hole.”

– Casey Dworkin

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