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#62: Animal Cruelty Cover-Up Laws Continue to Spread

Animal Justice 14 September 2020 8

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Co-hosts Camille Labchuk and Jessica Scott-Reid start the show by catching up, including Camille speaking at an event in PEI and Jessica hosting a vegan birthday party at a wildlife rescue centre.

A reminder that the Canadian Animal Law Conference just around the corner, and taking place September 11-13! The conference is featuring a huge variety of presentations from experts in their fields from across the globe.

Our platinum sponsor of the conference, The Brooks Institute, offers The Brooks Animal Law Digest, a premier online publication dedicated to offering in-depth and up-to-date coverage on today’s most important animal law and policy issues. You can sign up here for free!

In the news, Camille and Jessica discuss a new survey revealing that most Canadians favour government financial support for fruit and vegetable production over meat, eggs, and dairy, heated carriage “counter protests” in the Niagara Region, Canada Goose mistreating its workers, US import permits granted for the transfer of five belugas from Marineland with conditions that they cannot be bred or trained to perform, public consultations open to help set regulations for Canada’s anti-whale captivity bill, Toronto police pouring $5.5 million into mounted police, a horse dying during air transport to Japan, and Vancouver Aquarium temporarily closing to “reinvent itself”.

The main topic is an update on ag gag laws in Canada, including police handing out tickets to protesters outside of Fearmans Pork slaughterhouse, Ontario releasing info on draft regulations for ag gag Bill 156, a new provision under the bill going into effect that now prohibits advocates from stopping transport trucks, and Manitoba launching public consultations for its own troubling ag gag legislation.

This episode’s hero is the British Vet Association are calling for a ban on boiling lobsters alive, and the zero is the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association because the only mention of lobsters on their website involves eating them.

Thank you to our sponsors, AnimalStone and The Grinning Goat. Use code PAW15 to save 15% on your purchase at grinninggoat.ca, and PAWS10 for 10% off your purchase at animalstone.com.


Animal Justice

Peter Sankoff

Camille Labchuk


Animal Justice

Peter Sankoff


Animal Justice

Camille Labchuk

Special thanks:

To our producer, Shannon Milling, and podcast editor Micahl Contos.

To Kevin Lacroix for the podcast logo and for the musical sting in our podcast intro.

To DJ Quads for our intro, transition and outro music.

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2019 Canadian Law Blog Awards Winner

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