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Episode 540: Josh Berson on “The Meat Question”

Our Hen House 16 May 2020 7

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-Jasmin and Mariann try to manage their anger towards people who aren’t wearing masks or practicing social distancing. Mariann reads an inspiring section from the book Living The Good Life by Helen and Scott Nearing, and poet Gretchen Primack reads her beautiful new poem “What Rough Beast, Covid-19 Edition.”  We also continue our Supporting Vegan Businesses program by shouting out Seva Foods, Odeene Soaps, and BeLeaf Vegan’s amazing egg substitute.
-Mariann interviews Josh Berson, author of The Meat Question, about what people really mean when they talk about a “paleolithic” diet, zoonotics and the role of animal-source foods in facilitating their leap into human populations, and why meat became regarded as what wealthy people ate. He also shares his insight about “street food,” and tells us why he is hopeful for the future. (23:50)
-Mariann brings us Rising Anxieties about Coronavirus and animal consumption. (1:00:35)

Join hostesses Jasmin Singer and Mariann Sullivan on this unique and fun award-winning podcast that focuses on changing the world for animals.

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