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#27: Dog Breed Standards, Puppy Mills, & the Law

Paw & Order 23 February 2019 8

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February 22, 2019

In Episode 27 of Paw & Order, hosts Peter Sankoff and Camille Labchuk catch up together in Toronto, where Peter is fresh from winning a major law school competition.

In the news, the hosts discuss Newsweek’s major exposé of Canada Goose’s efforts to deceive consumers about the cruelty behind coyote fur, and the federal government wasting $45,000 on buying luxury Canada Goose jackets for employees. And what’s the deal with vegan cheese company Blue Heron being ordered to drop the word “cheese”? Prepare to be outraged. The hosts also discuss an article penned by the Edmonton Humane Society explaining their courageous decision to stop doing law enforcement work.

This episode’s main topic is a big one: dog breeding. If you’ve ever wondered why Canada still has a puppy mill problem, you’ll learn why the near-complete lack of licensing and oversight of dog breeders play a huge role. The hosts explain why dog breeding is inherently problematic, particularly when the dogs are genetically manipulated to have painful physical traits that cause them a lifetime of suffering.

This episode’s hero is the New Zealand Animal Law Association, which is fighting cruel pig farrowing crates in court, and the zero goes to an absurd anti-vegan article appearing in the Globe & Mail.

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Animal Justice

Peter Sankoff

Camille Labchuk


Animal Justice

Peter Sankoff


Animal Justice

Camille Labchuk

Special thanks:

To our producer, Shannon Milling.

To Kevin Lacroix for the podcast logo and for the musical sting in our podcast intro.

To DJ Quads for our intro, transition and outro music.

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