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109. “It's All About Mileage” with Henry + Finn!

Katya Lidsky 7 October 2021 6

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If you want to hear how a Puerto Rican street dog got to live his best life, listen to this week’s episode with the adventurous spirit that is Henry Friedman. We talk about how every foster pet teaches us something, about the power of soul dogs, and about how traveling with his best boy, Finn, changed his experience of van dwelling. Henry recounts for us how he followed his curiosity to live without walls, and then as if the Universe wanted to give him a gift for it, here came Finn to help him access his emotions, his dreams, his gratitude, and his purpose. Henry and Finn became a social media sensation overnight, but for our guest it’s really about coexisting with Finn. Their relationship helps him showcase the best parts of himself, makes people receive him without swords, and inspires him to give back. What a duo they are – their freedom is high, their work is meaningful, and at the end of the day Henry knows it’s all because he said yes to a rescue dog.

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A touching and funny podcast that explores how extraordinary people have been changed by an extraordinary animal. In this weekly show, Katya talks to fascinating guests about what their lives were like before and after they experienced a soul-level relationship with an animal.

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